Jonathan Hicks

Over a decade of tireless correspondence from North Carolina. Your attention to detail is spot-on and you've repeatedly saved my butt when I publish screwy data

Mark Sherman

Vancouver Toyota parts manager, hard to believe it's been over fifteen years since we were stuck in that dungeon together. Thanks for all of the random tidbits of info

Michael Foertsch

Toyota Geek, your classic brochure collection filled in a ton of gaps and your knowledge of archaic Toyota info was invaluable

Jason Bell

During your tenure running Toyota USA's Archive Dept your loans of vintage literature were crucial to completing the archive

Tom Lauzon

Lexus of Portland parts manager, I couldn't believe your stash of old Lexus materials and that you were so willing to part with them until I could get them all scanned, and thanks also for continuing to fill in the gaps with new Lexus brochures when I need them

Andrew Wilhelm

Your Datsun brochure collection is a thing of beauty and thanks to your obsession I didn't have to beg, steal and kill to fill out that part of the archive

Chris Frye

Boxes upon boxes of brochures from your collection just kept arriving, saving me uncountable hours and dollars

Tyson Hugie

The infamous nineties Acura hoarder who generously allowed me to destroy bits of his brochure collection so that other enthusiasts could share the wealth

Doug Milota

Reached out to me randomly with a loan and donation of some hard-to-find Mazda brochures. Thanks man!

Tim Eichler @ Autonutt

Tim popped up out of nowhere with boxes of brochures flooding my front porch. Wouldn't ya know it, he wants all of my old brochures in trade! Perfect! Take em!!

Jeff @ ForceFed4

The Indiana Jones of Suzuki brochures, digging them up from the depths of his basement crypt.

Udo Schneider

Honda fanatic from just outside of Stuttgart, Germany, with some extra time, a scanner and a heart of gold.

Brian Coombes

You never know who you might meet on eBay. Over a thousand boxes of beautifully-preserved vintage brochures under his roof and he loves nothing more than to pore through them just to find me something new.

Kurt Gravley

Kurt has devoted much of his life and nearly all of his extra storage space to a mind-blowing automotive literature collection that spans every decade. His love of automobilia was clearly evident when I approached him seeking to fill some of the harder-to-find items in the archive. With the enthusiasm of a boy sharing baseball cards, Kurt pored through his library with a fine-toothed comb and found a ton of goodies that were missing from the archive. His loans contributed greatly to the final sprint to the finish line.

PJs Auto Lit

Paul has generously pored through his exhaustive collection to dig up obscure brochure variants and rare small release items so that the archive can be as complete as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated!


CJ has one of the most comprehensive eBay stores that I've stumbled across. 33,000+ items for sale and over a million more items that he is still sorting through. Unbelievable! Thanks for working with me to fill holes in my project!



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