Import Archive is my massive personal project to archive historical US-market Japanese automobilia. You'll find thousands of current and vintage dealership sales brochures, television commercials, paint codes, paint color galleries and a variety of interesting products featuring my original illustrations. My goal is to scan and share EVERY promotional sales brochure that was ever released through dealerships or mailed out to potential owners.

  Darren Zayman

PS: Some of the favorite cars from my past include my first car, a silver 1987 VW Jetta GLi, which was closely followed by a 1981 Rabbit Convertible. I learned to swap engines on the Rabbit (1.8L 16V) which came in handy when I bought my first new car, a 1997 Honda Civic CX, and swapped in a B18C1 with a stealth 125-shot of NOS. The original CX engine went into my $300 1989 Civic Wagon. Some more cheap, fun cars followed like my '85 MR2, '89 240SX hatch and '85 Corolla GT-S. Another engine swap turned my 240SX convertible into a mean SR20/MT beast and then I went old school and picked up the Coupe deVille I had always wanted. A pair of flashy Lexii followed, '95 LS400 and '02 SC430. Got even more fun with a turbo'd S2000 and chipped LS2-powered GTO, then a quick stint with an 350Z Roadster. Bought myself one of the very first Scion FR-S coupes to hit the states and dropped an Innovate S/C into the bay. And crazily enough, possibly my favorite vehicle is my old Isuzu Rodeo Sport. Yeah, the "Amigo". She was a black 2001 Rodeo Sport with 3.2L 200hp V6, MT, 4WD, hardtop. That's the only vehicle I ever regret selling. Now? Now I've hidden my import tendencies in the guise of an off-roader. Just another lightly-modded Wrangler Unlimited roaming the streets of Porland. At least I can take the top and doors off all summer!

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